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COVID-19 SAFETY: Vaccinated Only - Masks are not required for inside for 1-on-1 clients



Don’t want to leave your neighborhood for a great sweat session? Coach Charlie's women only boot camp is your answer to shift your mind away from the post - pandemic era, and gets you out into the real world for a fun, exciting heart-pounding HIIT, Tabata Style sweaty workout. Ladies, especially you amazing moms, focusing on your mental and physical health is even more challenging because of COVID-19. And a welcome reprieve from all the anxiety caused by the pandemic can help establish a sense of normalcy for those who are used to a workout regimen, and those looking to create healthier choices. Regular physical activity can help you optimize your mental and physical health, well-being, and burn away those stay-at-home Netflix binging calories.  Please note, camp packages are not refundable and expire 30 days from when you purchase your first package.



Single Camp - $37
4 Package - $134
8 Package - $214
10 Package - $232

Outdoor boot camp
Outdoor boot camp
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