I'm a 47-year-old mom, mostly sedentary, and have been going to 'N Motion Fitness for 2 years.  Coach Charlie puts us through our paces, with a combination of strength training and cardio, plus stretching before and after.  It works for women of all ages and fitness levels.  I go to the 6AM class and participants range from early twenties to late forties.  There's great camaraderie.  For me, it's been a great way to fight back against muffin top, saddle bags, and bingo wings.  My arms are stronger now than they've ever been.  I find the small group classes motivate me to push myself; I'm too easy on myself at the gym. Charlie switches up the classes to keep us strong and interested.  He enjoys working with women and is unfazed by female topics of conversation.  It's also been a great way for me to meet other women in the neighborhood. I highly recommend it.

Lindsey P.

I am hesitant to write this review because I want this place to remain a secret but I have to anyways! This gym ROCKS. I've been a member of every gym in this city literally (from Sports club LA to Equinox to Crunch) and this one stands out among them all. Very unique approach. All women and very small class sizes. You get personalized attention so you actually learn proper form vs. injuring yourself in the back of a class. I personally hate resistant training but this has helped to change my perspective. I love feeling stronger! I also have never sweat this much in a class. Thank you Coach Charlie for opening up this gem in our neighborhood. We sure needed it!

Amanda C.

I am so happy N' Motion Fitness caught my eye one day. Like many brides to be, I wanted to be in optimal shape for my upcoming nuptials. I felt that my normal runs were just not cutting it, and I was looking for a way to augment my routine. One caveat, I am not a fan of working out at traditional gyms, they're kinda intimidating.  So, I chanced it and took a drop in class with Coach Charlie, and I haven't looked back.  The small group classes coupled with Coach Charlie's warm and jovial personality make working up a sweat fun. In the past year my overall level of fitness has markedly improved. Plus, I was super toned and fly for my wedding :) Thanks Coach Charlie!!

De R.

This year marks the first time in my adult life that I did not make a fitness resolution that I will undoubtedly break within a week.  That's because I joined Charlie's gym last April, beginning with personal training twice a week.  A few months later, I began attending his classes.  I never looked back because after all these years, I found the place where I belong.  I never thought I'd get up at 545 am for anything, let alone the gym, but I do...3 times a week.  Crazy.  I didn't post a review sooner out of selfishness, really...the classes are small so I wanted to be sure I had a spot!  Anyway, I suppose it's my civic duty to parlay that I love Charlie and his classes, and I am fitter than I have been in ten years, after 2 kids, with a full time job, etc.  I find that there is time when you make the time and when your personal  fitness is a priority.  As Charlie says, fitness doesn't just happen.  But after 9 months and 8 pounds, it is happening for me, and it is awesome.

Julia K.

I have had a lot of personal  trainers over the years, but Charlie is the best.  THE BEST!  I was very skeptical at first - when I hear "women's gym" I think of "Curves".  I wanted a real no-nonsense workout and a great trainer to get me in shape and help me feel strong and positive about my body.  I called Charlie and signed up for a private session almost a year ago.  I have been working out with him twice per week since then and it has been the best decision I made in 2015.  As a private coach Charlie offers exactly what I need:

- Positive and strict workout regimen
- Huge variety of challenging workouts

- Charlie gave me my first boxing lesson and it was a butt kicker....as is pretty much everything he does.


He varies my "routine" a lot so that there is no chance of me getting bored.  His workouts are not gimmicky - lots of cool exercises on TRX, weights, body weight resistance, interval training, innovative ways to include battle rope exercises, etc.  Also, a couple months after starting our workouts I got pregnant and I have been able to continue to work out with him (I am 33 weeks now).  He has gradually adjusted our sessions, but I still feel that I have been able to maintain my strength and am excited to return to our hard core training sessions following the delivery.  So, whether you are an accomplished athlete or are trying to get in shape, Charlie will help you achieve your goals.

-Charlie motivates me to do more and achieve more without being a jerk about it.  He has pretty much figured out how much I will push myself and then nudges me just a bit beyond it.  He has a great sense of humor, provides excellent corrections to make sure that my form is good and the workout continues to be challenging.  He is very attentive to my needs, except when I am to hold a push-up position - watch out! That 45 second hold can become a 90 second hold...

-I have also taken classes with Charlie and they are just as challenging (if not more so) as the private sessions.  He has assembled an amazing group of women - hard working and funny.  Don't feel that you need private sessions to get in shape.  Join one of his classes and you will see results just as fast.  


-Most importantly, Charlie is extremely reliable.  I have had many trainers who wouldn't show up on time, cancel at the last minute, have various degrees of commitment to my workouts from one day to the next.  This is definitely not the case with Charlie.  He is like clockwork - hardworking, consistent and is 100% committed to making sure that you get the most out of your hour with him.    

I am grateful to have found Charlie last year and I highly recommend that you try out his classes too.  You won't be disappointed.

Yevgenia F.

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