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Private Coaching


Private One-on-One coaching is ideal for those who are new to fitness training and looking to start off on the right foot. Perhaps you have specific goals, you're pregnant or thinking of starting a family. Maybe you're recovering from surgery or  injuries.  Personal coaching can cover all of those areas and more to help you stay on the right track..

Private coaching sessions are purchased by the number of  session per month. And appointments for personal coaching can only be made over the phone at which time a fitness evaluation is scheduled. The evaluation is mandatory to determine current level of fitness and injury assessment. All payments are made prior on scheduled evaluation day Please wear comfortable fitness shoe, attire, and bring a water bottle.


personal coaching
Personal Coaching Prices:

Fitness Evaluation


Single Sessions


30 min Sessions


personal coaching

12 Classes


($13 per class)


An enjoyable way of working out is with a buddy with similar fitness goals.  Partner fitness coaching can make your sessions a lot more social, energizing and especially motivating. 

You still get the personalized attention and benefits of one-on-one private coaching, but at a fraction of the price and it's way more fun.  Grab a neighbor, friend or family member and make fitness fun! For your safety, and until further notice mask inside is required, however, not outside.


Partner Training Rates:
Partner Training Rates:

Single Session
60 Min.


personal coaching

30 Min. Sessions


To schedule a private or partner coaching consultation, 
call Coach Charlie at (415) 930-2533
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