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                                                                                                      A SAFE HAVEN  


N Motion Fitness Studio For Women is a fun, comfortable, intimate space for women of all levels of fitness. A safe haven you might say. A women's-only facility for women who understand the usual struggles of other woman regardless if it is struggling with weight issues, depression(yes, postpartum too), out of shape or simply need some me time. You are bound to find kindred spirits who understand the issues you are going through. Having a strong support system is also instrumental to a woman's motivation to stay healthy. When you are working out side-by-side with women who understand your own doubts and fears, it is easier to reach out, connect and make friends. Owner and founder of N Motion Fitness Studio for Women, Coach Charlie is a certified fitness professional who specializes pre-postnatal fitness, injury rehab & conditioning, and a master personal trainer with over 3 decades of experience. In addition, Coach Charlie is hilariously funny, kind, energetic and has a few uniquely creative ways of motivating and coaxing you out of your comfort zone without the drill sergeant yelling, shaming or degrading attitude. You come out the other end stronger, leaner, faster and laughing, once the soreness dissipates. Come check out a class.       


                                                                      N MOTION FITNESS STUDIO 


Weight resistance class


Looking to start off on the right foot in a private setting? At your side Coach Charlie provides the inspiration, energy and motivation you need to help you set goals, and create a plan to reach them. He holds you accountable, and encourages you to overcome excuses that hold you back.  


Use laptop or deck computer: Log-in...Click Subscription...Click Plans & Pricing...Choose plan...Fill out CC & personal information...Stroll down, and click black Buy Now button...Choose boot camps you wish to attend. Download blue Wix (SPACE or FIT)app for future sign-in, scheduling and purchases.


Welcome ladies to N Motion Fitness Women's-only fun, exciting heart-pounding Strength Resistance, Tabata Style outdoor boot camp where even post - pandemic you can reset your focus, and re-energize your body while burning off those pandemic stay-at-home Netflix binging calories.


Private Coaching with Client K. Smith

Founder /Owner & Certified Fitness Professional 

I may be the founder of N Motion Fitness Studio For Women​, but my mama is her inspiration and the reason for her creation. My dad, left my mama with 9 kids. And this newly single parent put aside her needs and wants to provide for her family. 

She was overweight, smoked and poor. I still remember the sadness in her brown eyes when we played outside. It is those eyes that inspired me to break norm to venture out and open a women's fitness facility so other women are physically capable to play and enjoy their kids.  

Personal coaching session
  • Senior Conditioning Specialist

  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach

  • Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist

  • Post-Injury Rehab Specialist

  • Registered California Interscholastic Federation Coach

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

  • Certified TRX Trainer

  • Certified Boot Camp Instructor

I was taught to put others before myself. This is why I specialize in customer care; it’s all about the client. It’s important that I inspire mothers, daughters, sister and all women to be strong, positive and feel confident with their bodies, and in life. It’s about getting everyone closer to living in a capable, pain free body.

                                       - Coach Charlie

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